Fusion Collaboration & Rendezvous

Unique. Distinctive. Complementary.

Two distinctive, yet complementary, back-to-back events that offer unique learning opportunities for professional advisors, consultants and others in service to families in business and legacy families.

Which Will You Attend? Fusion Collaboration, Rendezvous, or Both!

Fusion Collaboration

Technical Delivered Better. Connections Made Stronger. 

Fusion Collaboration is for professional advisors and consultants who want to maintain a leading edge in technical topics and gain awareness of best practices for individual and family flourishing.  

Learn how to transform your technical planning into purposeful planning with Fusion's concepts and tools. That's the Triple Win of Fusion: more satisfied clients, lasting relationships and greater revenue. 

  • Get 90 minutes of the "Most Practical of Heckerling" with Marty Shenkman and cutting edge suggestions from other nationally renowned experts.
  • Take home new concepts, tools, and strategies which you’ll be able to monetize and implement immediately. 
  • Learn to spot the “hidden” influences which too often undermine technical planning. 
  • Learn about disruptive trends affecting your practice and discover the power of purposeful planning.
  • Experience professional collaboration in action and understand why it is a key to your future success.
  • Most sessions will qualify for continuing professional education for attorneys, CFPs, and other professionals.


Developing Self. Serving Families. [W]holistically. 

Rendezvous is the premier event bringing together professionals representing more than 20 disciplines for collaborative dialogue, keynotes, and breakout sessions centered on family dynamics, governance, collaboration, philanthropy, personal development and growth.  

Rendezvous provides a home for professionals who are redefining consulting and advisory services for their clients.

  • Share your experiences and best thinking as you participate in interactive learning experiences.
  • Gain actionable insights from other professionals facing similar complex family planning issues.
  • Meet like-minded professionals eager to freely share wisdom and experiences that will allow you to transform your practice and strengthen our collective work.
  • Practice seeing clients "(W)holistically" and build “purposeful” skills that make your client relationships better and professional relationships more satisfying.
  • Topics will include: Family Dynamics & Culture, Family Governance & Leadership, Philanthropy, Stewardship & Legacy, Professional Collaboration, Personal Development & Growth.

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